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If you plan to travel to the eastern part of Ukraine, you will no doubt be heading for the Donetsk Region. At the heart of this beautiful region you will find the city of Donetsk. The city serves as the administrative capital of the region and this fascinating city is one of the most beautiful and fruitful cities in Ukraine. Being home to about 990 000 people, Donetsk is the fifth largest city in Ukraine. Clearly a visit to this thriving metropolis would not be a waste of time.

Donetsk lies in the steppe landscape of Ukraine, surrounded by scattered woodland, hills, rivers, and lakes. The northern outskirts of the city are mainly used for agriculture. The Azov Sea, 95 km south of Donetsk, is a popular recreational area for people living in Donetsk. A wide belt of farmlands surrounds the city.
The city stretches 28 km from north to south and 55 km from east to west. There are 2 nearby reservoirs: Nyzhnekalmius (60 ha), and the "Donetsk Sea" (206 ha). 5 rivers flow through the city, including the Kalmius, the Asmolivka (13 km), the Cherepashkyna (23 km), the Skomoroshka, and the Bakhmutka. The city also contains a total of 125 spoil tips.

Donetsk's climate is moderate continental. The average temperatures are −5 °C (23 °F) in January and +18 °C (66 °F) in June. The average amount of precipitates per year is 162 days and up to 556 millimetres per year.

Local transportation:

The main types of transport within Donetsk are: trams, electric trolley buses, buses and marshrutkas. The city public transportation system is controlled by the united Dongorpastrans municipal company. The city has 12 tram lines 17 trolley bus lines, and about 115 bus lines. Both the tram and trolley bus systems of the city are served by 2 depots each. Another way of transfer within the city is a taxicab service, of which there are 32 in Donetsk.
The city also contains bus stations, located within the city and its suburbs: bus station Yuzhny (the South), which mainly serves transport lines to the south, hence it has such a name; the station Tsentr (Centre), which serves transport in the direction of Marinka and Vuhledar as well as intercity transport; the station Krytyi rynok, which mainly serves transport in north and east directions; and the bus station Putilovsky, which serves mainly the north and northwest transport directions.There is a metro system in Donetsk, which is currently under construction, with the first stage including 6 stations to be opened in 2012.

Air travel
In addition to public and rail transport, Donetsk has an international airport. It was constructed at the end of the 1940s - the beginning of the 1950s. The whole airport complex was finished in 1973. The city-based DonbassAero airline operates the airport.

Eating out:

Donetsk city is practically stuffed with versatile eateries raging from deluxe restaurants to small coffee-shops. Ukrainian and Russian restaurants in Donetsk offer traditional food with borshch, vareniki and pelmeni (dumplings). Vodka (horilka) with pepper is a popular drink in Ukraine. Also Donetsk restaurants eagerly serve a wide selection of Italian, French and oriental cuisines.

Donetsk is more than suitable for a shop-till-you-drop time. The shopping here is fun as prices may differ greatly within the mall, and haggling is possible even in big stores. This can turn your shopping tour into an exciting bargain quest. Donetsk shopping malls are similar to European big stores. New collections of clothes and shoes as a rule are hugely overpriced. Discounts are generous, if you are lucky to encounter them. Since Donetsk City is only gathering pace as a tourist destination, looking for souvenirs might be tiresome.

Donetsk history:

It is interesting to find out that Donetsk began life as a small Cossack village that was established during the late 17th century. Initially, the villagers sustained themselves by raising cattle and farming, but by the 1820s, a small coal mining began. It started to grow quickly and, in 1869 the New Russia Company was formed in order to better the processing of the coal, to smelt iron, to build a steel mill, to make rails for railroads and to operate a railroad station.

In 1924 the town was named Stalino and in 1961 it was given the name ‘Donetsk’. The town flourished and living conditions gradually improved. Schools were built and basic public services were installed. Before long, Donetsk obtained the ‘city’ status and today it is often called ‘the City of a Million Roses’ due to the abundance of roses, which grow here.

If you consider visiting Donetsk, you will not be disappointed. There are plenty of interesting attractions to see and you can enjoy operas, ballets, museums and art galleries. Donetsk is the home for the Donetsk Philharmonic Society, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts and even a city Planetarium.

There are 10 must-see places in Donetsk:

Sheffield Park and Kalmius riverside is a beautiful park on the riverside, and it has a long pathway along the river Kalmius. It is full of marvellous flowers, trees, bushes etc. It looks especially romantic in the evenings.

Sherbakova Amusement Park: Amusement attractions, bars, and cafes combined with a beautiful landscaping.

Pushkin Boulevard is a large central boulevard in the center of the city. It is a good place to rest, and it has thematic sections devoted to different cultural realities.

Donbass Arena Park is a very modern European style park around Donbass Arena Stadium.

Forged Figures Park. It’s a park devoted to handcrafted wrought-iron works. In fact, there is no other similar park in the world, which would have such a great number of iron statues.

Botanic Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (DBG) is one of the largest gardens of Europe. The guests will be able to see perfect collections of lilac, tropic plants, vulnerary plants and a lot more species there.

The Planetarium is equipped with up-to-date technical innovations. Planetarium will take you to a wonderful world of the solar system.

Horse riding center Equicenter is a multifunctional horse riding center with a hotel, a cafe, riding grounds etc. Qualified trainers will help you to practice your skills. Different international horse riding competitions are organized here. The ground and horses are among the best in Europe.

Train Museum. There are 25 old and very rare train cars in the museum. The oldest of them is 1898’s General Voroshilov's interior-car. More than 2000 exhibits that include awards, different types of clothes, the railway tool and equipment, old photos and other collection objects are presented here.

State Art Museum
The museum is considered to be the cultural center of the city and the region. It contains more than 11 thousand items of paintings, sculptures and graphic works of Russian, Greek, Italian and Ukrainian artists from ancient, classical, neo and other periods.

Clearly you will be able to fill your days with many interesting activities. Transport to and around Donetsk is also relatively simple with the town enjoying good roads, railway and air connections. Today, Donetsk keeps the title of a thriving industrial, scientific and cultural center of the region, and as long as it continues to play such a large role in the local economy you can be sure that Donetsk will be a great place to visit.

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