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Truskavets is the original and the most attractive balneological health resort of Ukraine. It is situated in the picturesque valley of the north foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at 350 m above the sea-level.This town of a natural beauty is situated among the magic landscapes, sloping hillsides and fast-moving rivers.
The climate of Truskavets is moderate, warm and moist. The average yearly temperature on the Ukrainian resort is close to Caucasian resorts. Winter is comparatively warm, the coldest is in January ( -4C), but temperature rarely comes lower then -20C. Thickness of snow cover is not more then 0.2-0.4 mm. Spring is long at this time, intensive snow melting is observed, floods on brooks and rivers are very often. (+12C, +14C). The hottest months in Truskavets are July and August (average month temperature is nearly 22C). At this time there are plenty of nuts, mushrooms and berriers (strawberry, cowberry, blackberry, raspberry) in the forests. Autumn in the resort is rather dry and warm; the sky is mostly clear and unclouded.

The health resort is situated at the distance of 100km to the south of Lviv in the motherland of a famous Ivan Franko. Railway connects it with the cities of Ukraine, former USSR countries and Baltic countries. There are the trains and buses routes between Truskavets and Lviv through Drogobych and Striy.
Truskavets is a quiet and ecologically pure zone. Rich for the different soil and underground resources, the health resort is one of the ancient resorts of Europe. There are large resources of underground mineral waters with 14 natural springs and deposits of “mineral wax” – ozocerite on its territory. First analysis of the water and the beginning of treatment is dated at the beginning of the XIX century. Now Truskavets has 19 comfortable sanatoriums, 20 lodgings and health camps for children. Truskavets, having solemnly celebrated its 170 years, has got its reputation due to the spa water “Naftusya”.

This water, in a complex with other natural medical factors, such as mineral baths, ozokerito - and physiotherapy, treats chronic inflammatory diseases of kidneys, liver and bilious ways, illness of a metabolism, including diabetes, and many other things. Truskavets is irreplaceable for the sick of urolithic illness. Treatment of stones in kidneys and urinoexcretory ways, held in the crushing center, together with the reception of "Naftusya" promotes overcoming of this disease.

The chloride-sulphate-sodium water of spring 1, named “Mariya”, reduces gastric secretion, improves the motor function of the intestines, intensifies gall production and excretion, and diminishes inflammation and spastic phenomena of the alimentary canal. The chloride-sulphate-sodium water of spring 2, commonly called “Sophiya”, stimulates gastric secretion, has a marked positive effect on the gall system, and normalizes the motor function of stomach and intestine. It is used for the accompanying diseases of the alimentary canal, namely chronic gastritis with reduced secretion, and chronic colitis. The mineral water 'Yusya' is a genuine source of beauty. Its natural content of glycerin rejuvenates the skin and makes it extraordinarily smooth and elastic. Mineral water of the spring 3, called “Bronislava” is used for the treatment of respiratory disease by the way of gargling. The mineral water “Yuzya” is also a legend. It influences the skin giving it special elasticity due to the substances of glycerine origin. There are waters of other springs for the external use in the form of bathes, watering, washing, hydromassage and inhalation.

Besides mineral waters, there are carbonic-acid and pearl bathes that act effectively in terms of treatment of heart diseases, diabetes and metabolism. Everybody who recovers the functions of joints and muscles may visit a swimming pool with mineral water and sauna. Mineral bathes further the effective treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, and arthrosis and so on. It's necessary to emphasize that not all open springs are used. Some of them are preserved for the use in future because the resort is being developed.

In the Truskavets resort the complex sanatorium treatment includes also the ozocerite therapy. Ozocerite consists of high-molecular paraffins and ceresins with fluid oils additives and asphalt- resinous substances. The only deposit of ozocerite in the world is at the distance of 4 km from resort. It's in Borislav. The use of ozocerite has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and strengthens hemodynamic in the damaged organ. The salt from Truskavets named “Barbara”, which is extracted from the high mineralized Rapa, is one of the competitors of the famous salt from Karlovy-Vary, so it may be used for bowel’s baths as a laxative mean. Natural medicinal factors influence greatly the protective strength of organizm, intensify the immunity and, as a result, the active life.

The Diagnostic Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation Resort Complex “Rixos-Prykarpattya” is one of the most visited medical centers in Truskavets. It is placed on the area of 12 hectares. It’s infrastructure comprises: a medical centre with modern apparatus, comfortable rooms, own mineral water’s well-room, a SPA-centre with a mini aqua park, a gym, the sauna and a beauty shop, a leisure centre with disco, billiards and bowling, tennis courts and archery ground on the open air. There are also 2 restaurants, 6 bars, 3 conference halls, a children’s cafeteria, a mini club and a playground for children, a bank, and a shopping mall. The newest technologies of domestic balneology and physiotherapy are effectively combined here with the best world medicine achievements. You can have a medical examination and receive the necessary treatment. The individual approach to each guest is supported by special programmes of treatment and rehabilitation of illnesses of a gastroenteric path, respiratory system and metabolism, chronic gynaecologic and urologic diseases, backbone and joints pathologies. You can receive consultations of highly skilled medical experts of twenty branches. Being in Rixos-Prykarpattya, you can combine diagnostics and treatment, recreation and recovery optimally and personally test progressive methods of effective rejuvenation.

There are also many sanatoriums and hotels where you can stay. Some of them are:
Jeneva Hotel that is situated in the health resort zone of Truskavets, Ukraine. It is one of the comfortable and modern hotels in the nearest location to the natural springs of mineral waters.
Sanatoriy “Almaz” is situated in the mountain part of the resort, 200 m far from the city park and a well-room of mineral waters.
Sanatoriy “Vesna” is situated in the central part of the city, 300 m far from the city park and a well-room of mineral waters.
Villa “Victotia” is situated in the heart-centre of the city-resort Truskavets, not far from the well-room of mineral water, Med-Palaca.
Villa “Kalina” is situated in the heart-centre of Truskavets city, 150 m far from the well-room of mineral waters, close to the church.
Sanatoriy “Karpaty” is situated in the south-eastern part of the city near the wooden place.
Sanatoriy “Perlyna Prykarpatiya” is situated in a picturesque place in the south-eastern part of Truskavets, not far from the city centre.

Places to visit:

The Castle tour
The Castle tour is the most popular outdoor trip that starts from the Lviv city. It embraces visiting of 3 main castles of the Lviv region: Olesko, Zolochiv, and Pidhirtsi castles. All the castles are located in a close distance from each other (30-15 minutes drive) in small authentic villages. The Olesko castle is the most beautiful; it is located on a hill and can be observed within a long distance. So, you could easily see it while travelling. The exposition of the castle is very big, so you will probably stay in this castle the longest. Besides, the Olesko castle together with the castle located in Zholochiv town have medieval restaurants where you can have a tasty meal.

Parashka Mountain
One day hiking tour to the one of the highest mountains of the Lviv region, Parashka Mountain (1268 m), is available. It is the most popular one-day route because of the easy access to the top, picturesque path, marvelous views on the plain and the Carpathian Mountains simultaneously (up to the 50 km visibility if you are lucky with the weather).

The Dovbush Rocks
The trip to the Dovbush rocks is a good idea for those travellers who want to spend one day at the mountains without hiking and putting extra physical efforts. The rocks are located 2 hours drive from Lviv and could be reached by car without walking. The rocky chain is a unique place which appeared million years ago. The rocks were named after the legendary Ukrainian hero Oleksa Dovbush, the leader of opryshky's bands. This hero is compared with a famous English folklore character - Robin Hood. You will get a lot of pleasure and courage while hiking and jumping from rock to rock.

The Bukhtivetskyi waterfall and Manyava
The Bukhtivetskyi waterfall is about 9 meters height and is kept under protection. It is considered to be the Ukrainian natural monument. Manyava is a complex of the old monasteries, which has been functioning till the present day. It was founded in 1608 and is surrounded with the mountains and impetuous mountain river. The monastery has survived the Tartar Yoke and several attempts to obstruct its functioning.

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