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PUSHKIN. RUSSIA. A car tour to Pushkin (TSARSKOYE SELO) –  Tsarskoye selo (Royal village) was the summer residence of Russian emperors. In the middle of the 18th – early 19th centuries the palatial park ensemble was created there. During 1811-43 years the Tsarkoselsky lycee was functioning there, Pushkin, Delvig, Küchelbecker, Pushchin and others were studying in it. The first in Russia railway was laid between Petersburg and Tsarskoye selo.

A car tour to Pushkin (TSARSKOYE SELO). During the period from the 9th (22nd) of March until the beginning of August 1917 the emperor Nicholas II was kept under arrest in Alexandrovsky Palace. The name “tsarskoye” (royal) became unacceptable after the October revolution, so initially the city was called Soldier village for some time. In 1918 the village had been renamed into a Child’s village, since the palaces constructions complex was used as a children health camp. Soon after the murder of Uritskiy (1813-1918) the city had been called a Child’s village named after Uritskiy for a while. The heart of the palatial park complex is the Grand Catherine Palace with its stately pompous façade (306 meters long), that is one of the greatest creations of a Russian baroque architecture. In 1780-90 years the palace was extended from the left side of the building by the so-called Cameron terms (the complex of Agate rooms with cold baths, Hanging garden and others, by architect Cameron). From the right side the lycee building was attached (architect Neelov, reconstructed by architect Stassov in 1811). The Catherine Park, Alexandrovsky Park, Bobolovskiy Park and others were laid during 1720-1860 (the total square approximately 600 hectares). There are the Alexandrovsky Palace (1792-96 years, architect Kvarengi), numerous pavilions with Hermitage (1743-54), Grotto (1749-63) among them, ponds, canals, monuments in honour of Russian Army and Navy, such as Kagul Obelisk, Moreyskaya Column (Small Rostral Column), Chesme Column (1771-78) everything created by architect Rinaldi in the park. During the excursion you’ll be proposed to visit Catherine and Alexander Palaces, the park, and lyceum.

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