Odessa for archaeologists

Odessa for archaeologists

The program of excursion tour for individual tourists.

Duration of the tour up to 5 days.

Program of the tour:
1st day:
Meeting at the railway station or airport of Odessa. Transfer to the hotel. Secure settling after 13.00
Walking excursion “Oh, Odessa”. You  will know about history of the city and see the brightest sights of the most beautiful and legendary place of Odessa. Italian boulevard – connected with legendary names such as the theatre’s founder Popandopullo and marshal Zhukov. Pushkin’s street – named in honor of the poet, who lived there. The house, where Pushkin lived, fortunately has been preserved until nowadays.  You can see the philharmonic building which was mentioned by K. Chukovskiy and Ilf and Petrov. The Philharmonic was built by Italian architect Bernardaci, which is combined more than 5 architectonic styles. Opera and Ballet Theatre – one of the best theatres in the Europe. Seafront named Zhvanetskiy – where every building is landmark. Potyomkin’s stairs, Duke de Reshelie’s monument, Ekatherine II’s monument, Vorontsov palace and others.
Free time. Dinner.
Visiting Archeological museum of  Odessa  under the escort of the guide. There are more than 160 thousands exhibits nowadays in the museum. This Exhibits are the greatest collection of sources about ancient history of Northern Black Sea Coast. There are collection of monuments from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, also coins and medals.
Return to the hotel. Night quarters.

2nd day:
Breakfast at the hotel.
The full day excursion of Belhorod-Dnestrovsk strength with visiting Shabo. Unique Belhorod-Dnestrovsk strength by XIV century, is the most valuable monument of the ancient architecture. The ancient towers keep age-old legends, which you will see during the travel. Then you will visit the excursion at the “Centre of wine’s culture Shabo”. The tasting is included.
Return to the hotel. Night quarters.
3rd day:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Excursion to the catacombs of Odessa.
The catacombs of Odessa are covered by secrets and legends. A little known pit-galleries and labyrinths exist more than  200 years and it still has different hearsays. Different ways of labyrinths served like refuge for many criminals. The caves, which is not well studied, hide secret communities even nowadays.
Free time. Dinner
Excursion “Temples of Odessa”
Multinational  city.
There are a lot of religion exist in Odessa. During the excursion you will visit Preobrazhenskiy cathedral, monastery and convent, Muslim culture centre, Jewish synagogue, seminary, will know about revival (renascence) and restoration of many religion monuments and relics.
Preparing to the archeological expedition.
Instruction. The equipment you can rent.
Return to the hotel. Night quarter.

4th day:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Exit to the archeological excavations under escort by an archeologist, for example Olvia.
Old Greece culture.
Old Greece culture or culture of village Usatovo, which is related to Trypilska culture. There are other places where are excavations on the South of district of Odessa.
Dinner at the roadside restaurant or café with good service. Continue of excavations.
Return to the hotel. Night quarter.

5th day:
Breakfast at the hotel.
Instruction at the hotel.
Visiting the old catacombs, which are located under Odessa (enter to the catacombs is near bus station). Visiting of the old catacombs will be under escort by experienced instructor.
The equipment: candles, flash-lights, hats, sweaters, sport shoes, some food and water.
Dinner. Free time. Visiting souvenir’s shops.
Leaving: by bus, by train, airport.


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