UKRAINE    Eco-tourism

Ecological rest in the homestead "Horse yard"

If you become  boring from traditional holidays, and resorts with their human turmoil  are not attractive for you  - there is a possibility to change the way you think about all  recreation and tourism. Just twenty miles from civilization - the untouched nature, clean river, thoroughbred horses and inexpensive holiday in the comfortable environment.
Sednev is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Ukraine, and attracts many tourists not only for the landscapes and favorable geographic and climatic conditions. The large number of historical and cultural sights make it attractive for recreation  and green tourism.

ACCOMMODATION: 9 original rooms with exotic beds. The capacity of one number from 2 to 4 people. Shared bathroom (hot water round the clock).

NUTRITION: an outdoor cafe. Ukrainian cuisine: soup, homemade sausage. Exclusive alcoholic drinks.

• Rent a horse, riding with  instructor:
Rent a horse (riding) 60grn/hour
Riding lessons with  instructor (riding) 90grn/hour
Horseback riding (maybe - a group of up to 4 people): 90grn/hour
Rent a horse (outside of the arena) 90grn/hour
• Rent a mountain bike:
Rent a bike (maybe - a group of up to 5): 20grn/hour
• Boat trips and fishing:
Fishing (bail 100UAH) 15grn/day
Hire a rowing boat (2 + 1 pers.) 50grn/hour
Rent a motor boat (electric): 100grn/hour
• Rent gazebos, barbecues ...:
Rent gazebos (wood grill + + dishes) 5grn/person*hour

Rent grill (with a set of wood) 20grn/hour
Rent a brazier outside the court (bail 300UAH) 50grn/day
Firewood: 10grn
• Visual Arts:
Lessons writing oil paintings from 250grn/3-4hours
• Arts and Crafts:
Lessons pottery: 50grn
• Folk-ethnographic ensemble:
Performance of the Ukrainian folk choir 300grn/30min
• Horse theatrical performances
Speech at menege (group of 3 riders): 1200grn
Costumed performance on the road (group of 3 riders): 5000grn/20min
Costumed performance at the exit (a group of 5 riders): 10000grn/30min
Costumed performance on the road (group of 7 riders): 25000grn
• Tours and excursions
Tour of Sednev: 100grn/hour
• Healthy Eating
Grandma's home cooking: 25grn (average)
• Other:
Lessons of brewing (100g product for 15min)
Certificates for the holidays (from 500UAH).
Rent telescopes (30grn/hour).
Table Tennis (5grn/hour)
Darts, volleyball, twister
Coniferous forest (200m)
Reading the River "Dreams" (600m)
Spring water

Accomodation Price by night
The cossack from € 30
The constable from € 30
The sergeant major from € 30
The cornet from € 30
The centurion from € 30
Esaul from € 30
The senior Cossack from € 30
The colonel from € 30
Hetman from € 30


01033, Kiev
10, Pankivska str.

Tel. (+38044) 500 85 05

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