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Ecological rest in the homestead "Falcon farm"

The picturesque village Petrushovka that stretched into the upper reaches of the River Smozh, located in the forest-steppe area in the south-east of Chernigov. Paradise for spiritual and physical healing. For an Petrushovki's old veterans retelling, "Falcon Farm" is located on the Hetman Mazepa ground and called  Smotriki. When Peter I led an army to Charles XII, he held a review of troops on the opposite side of the river from the village, from this the name of this historical land sounds like Smotriki. 

In the last century the frequent guests at the village were well-known writers, historians and artists. The writer Marco Vovchok drew inspiration from generous well of Ukrainian folklore here. Here Ilya Repin sketched colorful types for the painting "Vechornitsy."
There is a National Historic and Cultural Reserve "Kachanivka" nearby the village with a majestic landscape park of the late XVIII - early XX century. Alleys and paths of the park are trodden down of Taras Shevchenko, Nikolai Gogol, Mikhail Glinka, Nikolai Kostomarov, Nikolai Markevich, Mikhail Vrubel, Makovsky brothers and many other prominent  in their time  people. Now ancient traditions of hospitality and welcoming are restored, the "Falcon farm" create all conditions for this. If you want to remove the cargo and the monotony of city life, want to dive into the spiritual world of the Ukrainian village, chat with magnificent nature and interesting people - go to our farm.
At the farm you can stay in the Ukrainian country estates which have kept national character and hospitality. Rest in these estates will give you peace and comfort of ukrainian village late XVIII - early XIX century.

The farm offer to you:
• Accommodation in the Ukrainian country estates with an elegant interior;
• holding business meetings or family gatherings in the old tavern;
• family vacation;
• Ukrainian cuisine with a variety of delicious foods;
• Cossack cuisine;
• excursions on the cartage of historical and cultural itineraries;
• horse riding;
• walk on water catamarans and boats;
• walk on bike by the picturesque path in forest-steppe zone;
• an exciting fishing;
• skiing in winter;
• wheel ride on the ice;
• of organic food;
• falconry.

Farmhouse hospitality will meet and will not let you feel sad. You can become spectators and participants in a fun play with the main characters of ukranian folklore and take part in Cossack games and theatrical festivals.


Victoria  house

Two rooms and can accommodate up to 6 people.
The house has a TV, refrigerator, sink, an electric kettle, outside shower and toilet on the street.


Coachmen  house

House of Kachanovsky coachmen, who worked until 1917 at the estate owners and Helen Kharitonenko Prince Urusov.
The three rooms house intended for 7 persons.
The house has satellite TV, fridge, kettle, shower room and WC in the room, hot water.


Writer house

House with two rooms and can accommodate up to 5 people. House of the late XVIII - early XIX century, reminding of our ancestors lives.
The house has satellite TV, refrigerator, warm floor, hot water, shower and WC in the room.


The family nest

Three rooms house for up to 6 people, has a vintage interior and the collection of  Cossack and the Tatar-Mongol weapons (bows, crossbows, spears, etc.).
The house has a TV, refrigerator, sink. WC Facilities on the street.


Near fence

House with three rooms for 4 people.
The house has a fireplace, TV, refrigerator, outside shower and WC on the street. A place to relax in the courtyard with gazebo.




Also for fans of grass aromas on the farm we have two hayloft in the fresh meadow hay, each designed for two people.
Leisure in the hayloft will relieve fatigue and stress, will settle the comfort to your soul.



The farm offers elegant Ukrainian and Cossacks dishes prepared according to old recipes from fresh domestic products.

Firm dishes:
1. Pampushki with garlic;
2. Porridge with pumpkin;
3. Village salads;
4. Cossack soup;
5. Dumplings with cheese, poppy seeds;
6. cold;
7. stuffed cabbage;
8. Kazatskaya potatoes;
9. Shashlik;
10. kaurma;
11. Home-made cake;
12. Korowai;
13. Duck with apples;
14. baked  rabbit;
15. baked pheasant;
16. Pig on a spit;
17. Elixir of youth at Kalgan, cucumbers and zubrovka.

Accomodation Price by night
Victoria  house  
Coachmen  house from € 40 
Writer house from € 40  
The family nest   from € 25  
 Near fence  



01033, Kiev
10, Pankivska str.

Tel. (+38044) 500 85 05

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