Weekend in Kyiv

Excursion tour program
Tour duration – 3, 4, 5 days

1st day: Arrival to Kiev. Meeting in the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation. Free time. Optional tour “Night Kiev”* . An overnight at the hotel. 
2nd day: Breakfast. City car-walking sightseeing tour “Meet Kiev”: St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral (visiting), National Opera House, Golden Gates, Bohdan Khmelnytsky monument, St. Sophia Square, Mykhailivska Square, Independence Square, cable railroad, Podol, the Dnipro river quay, Kiev founders monument, Mother Motherland monumental statue.
3rd day: Breakfast. Free day. Optional program*.
4th day: Breakfast. Free day. Optional program*.
5th day: Breakfast. Transfer to the Kiev airport.

The price includes:
• Accommodation: 2,3,4 nights at Kiev
• Meals – breakfasts
• Transfer - airport-hotel-airport
• Kiev car-walking tour

Extra pay:
• Optional program*


Tour “Monasteries and churches of Kiev” (by car): This tour is the meeting with temples and churches of central part of the city. You will see the oldest churches of Kievan Rus, such as St Sophia’s Cathedral, St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral, a beautiful Saint Andrew's Church in baroque by architect B. Rastrelli, and St Volodymyr's Cathedral. Also you will see these temples decorations – the ancient mosaics of Rus and the paintings of Victor Vasnetsov and Michael Nesterov, the mosaic “Virgin Orans” (Oranta). You will learn the religious meaning of Kiev and walk the path of ancient pilgrims.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra + walking tour “Churches and mansions of Pechersk”: During this tour you will meet the beautiful old district of Kiev, which represents entire architectural complex of art nouveau period. You will walk along Luteranska street, where the German community used to live, you’ll see Lutheran Church, House with Chimaeras, that become the visiting card of the city, the Presidential Administration, National Bank of Ukraine, one of the most beautiful banks of Europe, the House of Weeping Widow – the model of early modernism, the Chocolate Little House –Italian medieval castles emulation, the Parliament building, Mariyinsky Palace, constructed by order of Elizabeth Empress of Russia. You’ll learn about inhabitants who used to live in this prestigious district.
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is the Ukraine pride, the sacred object of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, the popular pilgrimage center. There are more than 120 saints in its cave mazes (The tour lasts 1,5 hour approximately). You can visit (optionally) the following museums on the upper area: the museum of jewellery, the museum of decorative art, the book printing museum, the dramatic art museum, N. Syadristi museum of micro miniature.

Walking tour “Andriyivskyy Descent – the Montmartre of Kiev”: This is the most famous street in Kiev after Kreschatik street. This street is very Kiev street. This street is the oldest street of whole Eastern Europe. During this tour you’ll learn a plenty of interesting and at times mysterious stories about this street, without which Kiev is unable to exist. Today Andriyivskyy Descent is the street-museum, one of the main tourist attractions of the capital of Ukraine. The theatres, art galleries and exhibitions function in the buildings along the street. You’ll see The Castle of Richard the Lionheart with its mystical reputation, the Mikhail Bulgakov's house – the house of Turbins, near which the writer’s statue is since recently, the One Street Museum, Zamkova hora and Uzdyhal’nytsia hills, the cat Behemoth and the Nose of Gogol.

Walking tour “Along the main street of the capital”– that is one of the most world-famous high streets. The center of Kiev’s political, commercial and cultural life is in full swing here for the last two centuries now. The first telephone, telegraph, tramway, water supply and sewage system, electric and gas lighting and the first Kiev’s skyscraper at last – all this is Kiev. The tragic 1941 put an end to the old Kreschatik, but a new, unique in the Eastern Europe block of building arose in its place – one of the most beautiful constructions of the middle of 20th century.

Walking tour “Latin quarter” – this name was given by residents imitating Parisians to the place around the University, where the students lived last century. The tour will tell you about weekdays of these clamorous and cheerful Kiev residents, engaged not only in learning and science. Who taught, what learned, where lived and boarded, the way they amused and how the poor earned their living sometimes and the way the wealthy did the heavy. You will also remind former students names, such as surgeons Yanovsky, Pirogov and Karavaev, historians Maximovich, Kostomarov and Krimsky, writers Bulgakov, Statsky and Paustovsky …

The Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo tour. The museum represents the open air exposition of ethnographic regions of the country; the territory of museum is located under the open sky. The nearly three hundred architecture pieces are placed on the more than 150 hectares-square. The museum pieces will tell you about national peculiarities of life and art of different regions of Ukraine. The huge collection of folk garments, furniture, wood tableware and pottery, one of the best in the world collection of folk musical instruments are gathered in the museum.
Kiev Rus Park tour - The model of Detinets – Kremlin of Ancient Kyiv is rebuilt on a scale of one to one in the park and the atmosphere of Kyivan Rus of V – XIII centuries is completely recreated with maximum historical accuracy. The spirit of ancient Kiev is reproduced at the most there. You will climb the watch tower and ramparts, sit for a while on the prince throne, try on the Old Russian garments, and master the archery and knife-throwing. You will meet merry skomorokhs (wandering minstrel-cum-clowns), strict Old Russian epical heroes and citizens of old Kiev here. You will watch the bright colorful life of medieval city, the ceremonial changing of the prince’s guard, get the diploma from Nestor chronicler personally, be a witness of Old Russian epical heroes single combats and prince’s court.  


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