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                                                           Sanatorium Utes

Location: Sanatorium "Utes" is located along the waterfront, not far from the town of Frunze in Cape Plaka. On three sides it is surrounded by craggy mountains, which protect the area from cold winds. The central building of sanatorium - a former palace estate Kuchuk Lambat, built in 1907 for the Duchess, MA Gagarina, nearby is the old Alexander Nevsky church. Another nursing home decoration is a beautiful landscaped park. He laid the same time with Nikita Botanical Gardens and now employs more than 16,000 evergreen trees and shrubs (Laurel, barberry, mimosa, Livadia cedar, etc.), in which are buried the new department of the sanatorium. Now the park cliff-Karasan, extending for 20 hectares, is the only one in the whole Alushta District monument of landscaping art.

Medical indications: diseases of the respiratory organs of non-tubercular character.

Infrastructure: motels rooms work of functional diagnostics, physiotherapy, laser therapy, inhalation, massage, ozokeritoparafinovoy applications, dental office. There is a mineral water pump room, hall of physiotherapy exercises with gym, playground, tennis court, billiards room, cafe, concert hall, a library, dance floor, boat station.
Cost of tour includes: Accommodation in chosen room, meals, medical treatment.

Duration of stay:
12 days, the recommended duration of treatment - 24 days. Time of arrival at the sanatorium 12-00, time of departure - 10-00.

- Two-room, double room suites, building number 2, 3;
- One room, double room "standard deluxe building number 3 (sea);
- Double rooms with all amenities improved. (TV, refrigerator, cond), case number 1;
- Double rooms with all amenities (TV, refrigerator), building № 1.

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Foto Sanatorium Utes

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