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                                                                 Sanatorium Kiev

The resort is located on the southern coast of Crimea, in the resort city of Alushta - Professors' Corner (50 km from Simferopol). This is one of the most comfortable sanatoriums in Alushta, located 300 meters from the sea. In the three buildings (building № 1,2 - 8 floors, building number 3 - 3 floors), connected to a single architectural complex.

Accommodation: (all rooms with TV (cable TV), refrigerator. Table with chairs - a toilet, washbasin and shower with no sump):
- 2-bed room, building № 1,2, (12 sq.m): 2 bed, wardrobe, carpet on the floor, 2 tables, table, mirror, chandelier and a balcony. On the floor - carpet, walls - wallpaper;
- 1-room, building № 3 (9 sqm): sofa bed, wardrobe, nightstand, mirror, chandelier and a balcony.
- 2-room 2-room Junior Suite, building number 2, (two rooms of 12 sq m): 2 beds, 2 bedside tables, wardrobe, sofa (couch), table, mirror, 2 lamps, 2 lamps, tableware (glass, dining room, tea and the samovar), air conditioning, balcony. On the walls - wallpaper, on the floor - carpet. Complete renovation, the Italian plumber.

Meals: (3 meals a day, prescribed by a doctor - a dietary). Service - the waiters. In the suites separate power in a small cozy cafe (60 seats).
Water supply: cold and hot water.
Amenities: indoor pool with fresh water (600 cu. M depth from 1,5 to 2,5 m), Roman bath, Finnish sauna, a concert hall (240 seats), dance, gym, billiards, library, long-distance phone automaton, cafe, bar, luggage storage.
Beach: pebble, comfortable (beds, lockers, shelters) at 300 m from the resort.

Treatment: respiratory diseases (chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis), chronic bronchitis (simple with no ventilation disorders in remission, and obstructive), chronic pneumonia in remission.
Medical services included in the price: consulting specialists: ENT, Gynaecologist, physiotherapy (electrotherapy, ultrasound, ultraviolet irradiation, teplogryazelechenie);balneotherapy (curative conifer, iodine and bromine, valerian, menthol, eucalyptus and other bath), mud therapy, aroma therapy, ultrasound, inhalation, oxygen therapy, massage, medical gymnastics.
Medical services for an additional fee: a swimming pool, dental services, irrigation, bowel, solarium, treatment by a therapist, beauty treatments (massage, cleansing, hair removal); water massage (shower, circular, ascending); electromassage; computer electrocardiography spirography.

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01033, Kiev
10, Pankivska str.

Tel. (+38044) 500 85 05

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